Best Bike Fenders Commuting

Your bike looks good to cycle with to work and still look classy along the way. But this is not always throughout the year especially when the rains start kicking in and mud gets to spill all over the bike. This is the reason why you need fenders to ensure your clothes remain clean throughout the year as you commute using a bike.

Here are some examples of bike fenders for commuting that you can use to keep clean on your way to school or work.

  • Planet Bike Cascadia
  • Planet Bike Full
  • Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid
  • Raceblade Long Bicycle Fender Set
  • SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black
  • SKS Bluemels Matte Bicycle Fender Set

#1. Planet Bike Cascadia (250)

Planet Bike Cascadia fenders are durable mudguards that will assure you of a life-long use on a bike. They are able to withstand adverse weather conditions giving you a chance to tag them along on the bike throughout every season. It is the perfect choice for you to keep the bike’s wheels clean with a few amount of money.

It ensures you remain mud-free without having to stress about the added weight to the front or rear end of the bike. They are lightweight having to weigh 590 grams, which is less than a quarter of your bike’s weight. This manageable amount will ensure you sustain the long cycle to keep you on the road with ease.

Aluminum with stainless steel v-frames attached to eyelets on your bike are components that build it. This ensures it resists corrosion throughout every season and it can adjust to rises in temperatures to an optimum level and that ensures your comfort. It is not prone to breakage with ease even if you hit a wall, it is durable and will last on your bike for many years.

It covers a large area above your bike’s wheel without interfering with how the wheels move. It has a  covering of 130mm long which keeps them free from grit that could wear out your chain. You will not have to worry about it slipping further down the wheel due to its design.


  • It is very durable.
  • Withstands adverse weather conditions.
  • Covers a large area of the wheel.


  • Needs the use of separate eyelets.

#2. Planet Bike Full

Planet Bike Full offers you an added safety advantage due to the presence of release tabs at the front fenders. It also prioritizes your bike being free from mud and grit enabling you to enjoy your ride and still maintain a clean look. 

Their clean lines and rugged construction provide great protection from rain, road grit, and other tire sprays. This sleek design is perfect and good looking that will keep people along your way admiring its beauty. It weighs 461 grams that will ensure you do not get to feel any added weight as you try to cycle downtown in the busy morning or crowded afternoon past pedestrians. 

It covers 45mm above your wheel to ensure grit and mud do not have easy access to the wheels. This keeps them clean and secures your chains from damage from grit. If your bike has some installed fenders, then you can also mount it above the existing ones. It does not need any modifications and this makes it possible for them to have a perfect fit.

Its blade has a polycarbonate making that does not wear out with ease. It can go through the sunny periods and the rainy seasons without damages. The u-stays are steel made that keeps it tough and prevents it from enduring any form of breaking with ease. It has an attachment to pre-installed hardware that can adapt to any type of standard tire.


  • Presence of release tabs on front fenders.
  • Comes with hardware for installation.
  • Withstands adverse weather conditions without corroding.


  • It is non-adjustable.

#3. Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid

Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid fenders assure you of uttermost dryness with its sleek design and double riveted mudflaps that covers most parts of the bike tire. It is also easy to install with the help of a preinstalled stainless steel hardware. 

This ragged fender can withstand all weather conditions right from rain, snow, and sun. This is possible due to the presence of Superflex polycarbonate construction that ensures its durability. Aluminum with high thermal resistance helps it to overcome intensive heat during summer and ensure your comfort while cycling. It has a thick outer layer made from steel that cannot get corroded during rainy seasons and even when it snows. 

Many sizes are available for different wheel sizes and bike set-ups that will ensure you save on buying a new fender anytime you have a new bike. It has a width of 45mm that covers a large area above your bike’s tires to ensure total efficiency while riding. It has release tabs on the front fender that make it simpler for you to remove it.

It weighs 515 grams making it easy for you to manage the weight of the whole bike while cycling. You will not have to worry about removing it when there is no mud and installing it again when it rains. 


  • Presence of double-riveted mudflaps.
  • Its mounting hardware gives it an attachment opportunity to any bike.
  • Presence of quick-adjusting pre-installed hardware.


  • Takes long to install for beginners.

#4. SKS Raceblade Long Bicycle Fender Set

When you have an SKS Raceblade Long Bicycle Fender Set, you will not need eyelets to place a proper tension on the spokes. It has an indigenous set of clips that will help in distributing the force concentrated at the center of the nipple and rim. This makes them fit with ease at the back of your quick-release skewer.

It weighs 498 grams, which is less than a quarter of the smallest weight you should carry on your bike. It makes it easier for you to cycle uphill and even easier going down a slope. It has a simple mechanism of attaching and removing it only after you mount the brackets to the bike. You mount them to the brake bolts and skewers.

It is 25mm wide ensuring the covering of half the bike tire and it extends to below the hub axles. This enables you to evade mud splashing on clothes after a rainy day, or grit that could in turn destroy your bike’s chain. It gives you the advantage of being able to adjust the length of stays to fit different types of bike tires.


  • Has a lightweight design.
  • Give a more secure clip-on and remove the solution.
  • The length of stay is adjustable.


  • Does not come with attached eyelets.

#5. SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black

SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black covers a larger area of your wheels ensuring even the slightest grit does not get to your bike’s chain. It assures you of a clean ride through the rain, snow, or sunny days. The extra length does not limit the performance of your bike.

It comes with adjustable stays that can alter its size depending on the radius of different types of bike wheels. It enables you to shift bike tires with ease without worrying about getting new fenders for smaller or larger wheels. It has a simple attachment and release mechanism that is quick when you use the two hinges that are in place to make these installations. 

It can fit well with different types of bike brakes without making wrecking sounds due to friction. This fender has a design that will enable you to shift it with a lot of ease to suit the positioning of the brakes close or on the wheels.

The front fenders have a length of 565mm while those at the rear end are 730mm long. The rear fender covers most of the tire’s arc all the way to the Chainstay Bridge for fastening. While the front fender has a smaller arc for coverage because of a bracket riveted in place for attachment to the front brake bolt. It’s made from carbon and steel that assure you of uttermost strength and is also lightweight. 


  • Covers a larger wheel area.
  • Presence of adjustable stays to ensure it fits on any bike tire.
  • Easy to attach and remove it.


  • Not fit for front-fork suspension bikes.

#6. SKS Bluemels Matte Bicycle Fender Set

If it is your first time trying out the use of fenders on a bike, then SKS Bluemels Matte Bicycle Fender Set is best. You can set it up with ease even if it is your first trial. You can secure it with the presence of an ASR secure joint that is simple to fasten. 

Its stay is steel made making it strong enough to withstand any sort of damage that comes its way. It is durable and you will be sure to use it for many years without incurring breakage. It is tough but this does not mean that no adjustments can occur. You can tilt it to any angle when checking the bike’s tire and back to its original position with ease. 

It is 780mm long at the front and 1285mm long at the rear end with a 3mm stainless steel layer all through. The rear fender is longer than the front fender because it covers most of the tire right from the far end to its fastening at the chainstay bridge. Its sliding and fixed bridges are in the perfect length to tilt it whenever you want.


  • It is easy to attach.
  • Presence of a security fastening ASR joint.
  • Presence of a universal mounting system.


  • Not fit for horizontal dropouts.

What to consider when buying the best bike fenders commuting 

Commuting is easier using bike fenders that ensure you remain clean and the bike’s chain is intact all through. To pick on the perfect set, you need to know a few tips on what to consider. Here are some of the things you can look out for in a bike fender meant for commuting. 


Weight is an important factor that determines how fast or slow you will ride a bike. Fenders often focus their weight on the sides and not at the center, which makes it hard to meet stability. These instances occur when heavy materials compose most of the fenders.

Get yourself a lightweight fender by checking the material used to make it and its weight if you need to achieve speed. You can also get a heavy one and try using it first before you hit the road.


Fenders come in different sizes and flexibility opportunities depending on the material used to make it. Some are flexible enough to fit in different sizes of bike tires while others are stiff and cannot get altered. The latter needs you to be specific on the size of your bike’s tire.

Always ensure you measure the width of your bike before choosing on a non-flexible fender. If you are the type to keep changing bikes often, then buy a flexible fender for efficiency. The limiting factor is often the type of frame or point of attachment. 

Methods of cleaning

With all the mud and grit collected within the fender, cleaning is very necessary. You can decide to have it the easy way or the hard way of ensuring it remains clean. 

The easy way needs you to get a fender with a smooth inner surface that can get wiped easily without having to detach it from the bike. If you are in for a challenge, then get a fender with a complex design that will need you to detach for proper cleaning. They are often longer when compared to the easy ones.


Fenders make life easier for a commuter by ensuring you do not have to hustle getting clean when arriving at work. It also simplifies the maintenance process for you because there will not be any need to remove grit on the bike’s chain. Use the above guide to help you pick on the best fender that will keep suit your commuting purposes for a long time.

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