How to remove rust from bikes – Some tips for you

How to remove rust from bikes

If you have not used your bike recently, think about cleaning it. Do you know how to remove rust from bikes? Our article will be useful to you If you have owned a bike before, you will be sad to see your favorite bike turn into something old and rusty. Even a little rust can … Read more

Best Bike Fenders Commuting

Best Bike Fenders Commuting

Your bike looks good to cycle with to work and still look classy along the way. But this is not always throughout the year especially when the rains start kicking in and mud gets to spill all over the bike. This is the reason why you need fenders to ensure your clothes remain clean throughout … Read more

Can A Man Ride A Women’S Road Bike

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Many keen cyclists find the idea of having a gender-specific bike completely ridiculous, because anyone can ride a bike. Since the creation of the bicycle, there has been a widespread opinion that racing bikes are for men and unisex only, or that a racing bike is only “for men.” It would be ridiculous to have … Read more

What Is A Good Speed On A Stationary Bike

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When it comes to cardio equipment, stationary bikes are often overlooked, especially when you are in a real spin class. Sometimes the type of exercise bike workout you opt for is not your goal for the time, but the speed of the bike. Long workouts in the steady state can be boring, but with a … Read more

What To Wear Biking In 50 Degree Weather

What To Wear Biking In 50 Degree Weather

In this article I will give you some tips on how to choose the best equipment for your cold and weather needs. Below is a list of clothing you should wear in different temperature ranges (Fahrenheit). Whatever the temperature, you should always wear two layers, regardless of the weather. A summer weight long sleeve jersey … Read more