Commuter Bike vs Road Bike

Commuter bike and road bike each have different strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on what you want to use them to enable you to pick on the perfect fit. Here are some things that make them different. 

Commuter Bike vs Road Bike

Difference between commuter bike and road bike

You get to move from one place to another, either from home to work or school, using commuter bikes. You often ride them on roads or pavements because of its features that ensure you are safe from accidents. You will have a chance to store some luggage on this type of bike, either in panniers, racks, or baskets.

You use road bikes on the road and in racing competitions. This is because they move faster and over various terrains across all types of roads. Its tires are skinny and have fewer spokes and lighter rims to reduce the weight and enable you to cycle at high speeds.

Road Bike

When compared to road bikes, commuter bikes are heavier and it is best you use them when not rushing. Road bikes have narrower tires as opposed to those of commuter bikes to enable them to increase their speeds. You are free to carry luggage on a commuter bike while on a road bike, you will have to carry a backpack on the back. 

Which is the best to get between a commuter bike and a road bike?

Which is the best to get between a commuter bike and a road bike

They are all the best but it all depends on the purpose you want to use a bike for. You should not be In haste getting a bike and end up buying one not fit for your intentions all because what you want is not available. You would rather be patient and get a quality bike.

Buy a commuter bike if you do not want to walk to work or catching a train to school anymore. Public transportations can bore you out sometimes and getting a commuter bike will help. It also helps you carry backpacks on its pannier or rack, making riding easier.

If you love the thrill and excitement brought by high riding speeds, then get the road bike. Their wheels are narrow to keep you going through different terrains on the road. The wheels have adequate treads that will maintain the perfect grip as you try maneuvering through the road.

Which offers greater speeds between Commuter and Road bikes?

Which offers greater speeds between Commuter and Road bikes

Road bikes offer you with great speeds and lightness. Aluminum or carbon melted with steel and titanium are the materials that make them up. They have narrow tires made from a carbon wheelset and come in various tubed or tubeless designs. They have a narrow range on their rear cassette to ensure you change gears in different terrains.

Commuter bikes are slower but there are certain ways you can make them move faster. You can reduce the luggage carried or get a commuter bike meant for your size. Increase in aerodynamics by holding the drop handlebars, which will make you lower the body.

In general, road bikes are faster than commuter bikes because of their lightweight design. But you can also make commuter bikes move faster by working on a couple of changes to the way you ride.

Between commuter bike and Road bike, which is more durable?

Both of them are durable enough to last you many years of uninterrupted use from frequent punctures. It all depends on how you maintain them. Proper maintenance increases your chances of having it for many years. It will not matter whether the bike is brand new or used.

Both commuter and road bikes need you to clean them often and grease their chains. You need to inflate the bike’s wheels to the maximum point at all times. Check on the brake pads and ensure they never wear out and always keep the brakes squeak free. 

You can also try to seek professional advice on methods to service your bike. It is the best way to ensure its maintenance is great to enable you to enjoy riding every day. 


Commuter bike and road bike are perfect for you, depending on the purpose of riding. You should ensure to have an idea of where, how, and the benefits you would like to gain from riding the bike. Then go ahead and choose the perfect bike to ride.

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