What is a good road bike for a beginner?

Buying a bicycle for a person who is starting to ride it is not always easy, for this reason, you must take into account some important tips and thus be able to acquire the best bicycle.

Tips to acquire a good bike for beginners.

The tips for buying a bicycle for people who are starting to ride a bicycle are as follows:

a) Buy the bike that fits very well: this will require going to a bike shop locally and if possible, having someone you know to make the appropriate arrangements for your new bike. You should ask anyone who wears a lycra jersey in a cafeteria for example or look online for the different recommendations that experts can make, even in stores. You must be careful with certain advertisements, since the bicycle may be too clean, have the helmet upside down or too high for example.

b) Riding a bike and deciding whether or not you really like it: if you have already ridden a bicycle, it is very important to know what works or not. The objective of all this is to know how to improve what works and fix everything that does not. This will bring about different adjustments such as changing certain parts or even starting from scratch as another option. To get a concrete idea, you can ride a bike that is not yours. You can go through other options before making your own.

c) When buying the bicycle: you must choose the frame that can be afforded economically. You can assume different parts such as wheels, pedals, tires, and handlebars that will be upgraded and replaceable. You can get the stem with a range of 90-100mm, in case we need it to move up, or down to get the correct setting. Thus, the distance that must be made between the saddle and the handlebar is very important to achieve the best possible comfort and to be able to be adjusted in the long term. The height that the handlebar must have in front of the saddle is relevant since if you are young and very flexible, you have to put it as low as possible, in this way, it is guaranteed to have less resistance to the wind and have a faster and faster ride. hence better driving to help.

d) All bicycles that are more than 5 years old will have a front derailleur and a rear derailleur with about 10 speeds. You can operate both shifters, along with the brakes to steer your hands inside the bars.

e) If you know what a hammer is or you are under 30 years old, you are going to choose compact gears. These gears must have compact gear. These gears will have between 34-50 total teeth on the front end. Under normal conditions, 2 gears at the front will suffice. You only have to add another in case you want to travel with cargo or climb mountain passes.

f) Plan to buy a combination between the pedals and clipless shoes from time to time. They are usually safer than clips and will help you improve your pedaling technique, you can try spinning class and test its power.

g) Recommend Shimano 105, or better. In this way, the mobile feet can be updated when they wear out. If you do not give us that possibility, you have to choose another.

h) You have to try to investigate and evaluate these quality differences in what you are going to buy. You have to choose a used bike of that quality with few kilometers, yes, instead of having a new bike that has lower power and specifications. You should be careful to get stuck in certain exotic parts to replace and that is worn out in electronic devices.

i) Some suggestions that may reflect the tastes of many of these people:

– Carbon rims, if the bike has dual brakes, brake pads inside carbon rims, is very bad news.

– The road bars must have hand positions that are flat on the upper part, that is, of different aerodynamic bars, compared to those that are round. In this case, it saved my hands from having carpal tunnel syndrome. That way, you can drive longer than if you hadn’t.

– The largest tires will be the most comfortable on roads that are in poor condition. You can go from 23 to 28. Specifically, a Cx has 35 and you enjoy the trend. Some of these frames may not be very cooperative.

– Take some classes or prepare to turn the bicycle. Thus, it is possible to continue adjusting iodine and interleaving the parts that are necessary on your own.

– Get a quote to get a modern helmet that is new and that you can pay peacefully. Also, the reflective wear, the flashing lights, the road like a bumpy place and you have to know that the age of the drivers is not going down.


In conclusion, you must take into account certain tips to get the best possible bike that suits your specific needs as a beginner.

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