Bike Share Los Angeles

If you are yearning to ride a bike but do not have enough to buy one of your own, then worry no more. You can take with you one of LA’s bike share and enjoy with your friends and family at affordable costs. They ensure you can self-service them with the right knowledge of bike maintenance.

There are various bike-share systems to pick from and you need to know how they perform before choosing one. Here is some bike share in LA that you can use.


Spin gives you a chance to select and book a dock-less bike from wherever you are with the use of its mobile app. You will only have to scan the QR code on the bike to confirm your reservation. It comes with a portable cellular modem to keep your internet connection stable throughout.

The bright orange bikes have a spectacular look with touches of black, a basket at the front, and an adjustable seat. You cannot be in the streets of LA without having to glance at these bikes that are spreading in most parts of the neighborhood. They are popular for their great look and their ability to change to suit your size. The seat is easy to adjust and the low-laying frames enable you to get on and off the cycle with ease.

The small pilot program in Koreatown offers you thrice as much speed as other cycles to enhance your journey. It comes with an added GPS unit that is accurate and concise to help locate its position and estimate your speed and the amount of time taken.

You will have an easy way through the Roads of LA with its reflective paint to keep you visible to drivers and other pedestrians. Its red rear lighting gets to illuminate in as much strength as the front lighting to help you see the road ahead and avoid accidents.


Unlocking a bike share system can never be easier when using ofo’s QR code scanning system. You can access it with ease at the frame of your bike, use your smartphone through ofo mobile app, and unlock it. It also makes it easier for you to get around town when you can locate other bike-share users using its system.

Its dock-less bikes will captivate you having a large area of a metal surface covered in bright yellow. It has an advanced system of locating its whereabouts using a satellite positioning. You will often find these DoBi bikes at most corners of the park ready to go for a ride.

You can ride it through the night with its efficient lights at the rear end and front to help you be visible to drivers. Getting it is as easy as using your credit card to pay and returning it will not let you consume much energy. You can leave it at any place once you get the heck of riding so long as you dock it at law permitted places.

Its bikes are the best suit for people below 6.3 inches tall to enhance your riding experience. Adjusting the seat will be simple and peddling easier because your knees will have the perfect alignment for peddling.


LimeBike has an added advantage of offering tall riders from 6.3 inches and above a comfortable ride. You can adjust its seat size and foam with ease then shift your body’s positioning to have the perfect fit.

Its system offers you sturdy bikes that increase your balance and is an added advantage to ensuring you control it. You will have great comfort riding it with your backpack placed at its front basket. Once you get done riding, you can lock it from the back wheel at a safe place with the app. Your hire ends once you locked the wheel and failure to that you will incur extra costs.

Your journey uphill will be great with some of its electric-powered cycles to boost your speed. You will have to power its electric motor when your tired of peddling and seat to enjoy a flawless ride.

You can access it by downloading the LimeBike app on play store or apple store on your phone. Once the app is on your phone, you get some tips on ensuring you stay safe from your phone on bike’s phone holder. You can also charge your phone with its solar charger.


Metro is one of the best bike share systems you can find in most parts of LA county. You get to enjoy quality riding at affordable rates with its parts engineered to enhance greater speeds. It makes it easier for you to park around downtown spots with your TAP card.

You can book a cycle from the Metro Bike app and view some real-time dock availability spaces in LA. The app has a station map to direct you to the nearest station location and an added trip history viewer. You will only have to click on the TAP card to the dock and the bike gets unlocked. When done, you can dock it only at Metro stations near you.

The bike system allows you to renew your passes and promotes its new and all-time customers by reducing fare passes. You can buy a pass at any station using a kiosk from the mobile app with ease. You will have to carry a helmet on your ride and place it in the spacious basket in front.

The bike a quick to release a lock system that helps you save on time. Its sturdy frame geometry can withstand your weight. It offers you various bikes to choose from, ranging from classic, electric, and smart bike to suit your needs.


Renting out a bike at affordable costs in LA is never hard when you use some of the above bikes. They offer you a great cycling experience as you commute to work, school, or to the store. Each of the above bike-share systems examples has unique abilities to help you ride. Go ahead and choose from the best bike-share systems in LA to get you through some bike riding exercises.