Where are specialized bikes made?

Specialized bicycles are a type of transportation that anyone has seen. However, one problem is that not everyone knows where are specialized bikes made.

On the road you will surely see specialized bicycles used by racers. Specialized bicycles were also born a long time ago and are used by many people. Although this product is very popular, not everyone is interested in its origin. So let’s find out where are specialized bikes made? The information shared by Multicultimobility in this article will help you gain more knowledge and understanding about this product. 

Where are specialized bikes made

Where are specialized bikes made?

According to official information, the specialized bicycle brand was born with headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. This is the first place to study specialized bicycles. After researching and researching, they started designing, prototyping and launching and developing products at the head office. However, if only at this headquarters, the product would not be known as it is today.

Many people when learning about specialized bicycles are often confused about which country it comes from. Because there are so many names given and people can’t distinguish where the brand of specialized bicycles really appears. Surely the information shared here will be very helpful for you to get more real understanding.

After being invented, specialized bicycles were developed in Taiwan by a contract manufacturer. At that time each bike was given specific specifications for users to choose from.

Merida is the name that has become the main contractor of specialized bicycles. This is the person who has developed a lot of factories that produce quality bicycles, not only specialized bikes but also many other types of bikes. All cars of this company from mid-range to high-end are extremely quality products. Not only in Taiwan but sometimes cheaper specialty bikes will be made in China. Therefore, people will often be confused between the two countries that become the main production places of specialized bicycles, which are China and Taiwan.

But most of the production is from Taiwan, not China. The main reason here is that Taiwan-based specialty bike manufacturer Merida bought about 49% equity from Professional.

What are specialized bicycles?

Before learning where bikes are made, you should know about the concept as well as some information related to specialized bikes. You may know this product as a very commonly used means of transport. 

If you only cycle on straight roads then even a regular bike can do it, but for the number 1 bike choice for road speed, a dedicated bike is the perfect choice. Optimized for speed, the car is made from lightweight materials, the design of the car is followed by the principles of aerodynamics to help the car accelerate easily without being fragile.

The dedicated bike components are also impressive. The handlebars are usually designed to bend into 2 steps. The car does not have front and rear shock absorbers because it is used on the road. 

The front of the car is usually made from Carbon (a high-tech material also often used on expensive supercars). Tires are thin, with few spikes to minimize friction and reduce vehicle weight when in contact with the road surface. The chassis is always specially designed to reduce weight when sitting on the wheel, combined with aerodynamic design. Specialized bicycles always amaze us with the speed that a bicycle can achieve.

What are specialized bicycles

    What are specialized bicycles?

What are the benefits of using specialized bikes?

Owning a Specialized bike you will have many benefits for yourself as well as the community. You may not even notice it, but it’s actually very environmentally friendly.

Good for longevity and relieve stress

Riding a Specialized bike is a great way to increase your lifespan. Instead of using gasoline-powered vehicles, bicycles help your life to be extended by several years, even when adjusted to avoid injuries that are easy to encounter in old age.

Biking outdoors is also a good way to “make friends” with nature and enjoy the fresh air, dispelling all the daily worries and stress. As a result, the quality of your physical and mental life also improves.

Good for longevity and relieve stress

Good for longevity and relieve stress

Save a lot of money

If traveling by means of transport such as cars or motorbikes, it takes a lot of fuel. The amount of money you have to spend to pay for gasoline every day is quite a lot. Thus, if many times combined, it will become an extremely large amount. When using a bicycle, you only need to pedal and do not spend money to buy any fuel. You only need to bring your car in for maintenance once or twice a year.

Cancer Prevention

There’s a lot of evidence that any exercise is helpful in cancer prevention, but some studies show that cycling is especially good for keeping your cells functioning properly. A long-term study conducted by Finnish researchers found that men who exercised regularly for at least 30 minutes a day reduced their chances of developing cancer in half compared to those who did not.

Environmental friendliness

One of the causes of the current environmental pollution is the increasing number of motorbikes and cars, making the amount when increasing to the permissible limit. Every day on the road is a must first day with dust and toxic substances. 

Meanwhile, the Specialized bike is a completely environmentally friendly means of transportation, with no smoke, no energy consumption, and no noise. If you are both concerned about your own health and concerned about the surrounding environment, switching bikes whenever possible is the perfect choice.

Specialized bicycles are environmentally friendly 

Specialized bicycles are environmentally friendly

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What types of specialized bikes are popular today?

There are many types of specialized bicycles on the market today. Here are some popular products that you can refer to for more choices.

Allez Xe

This product is for more budget-minded riders and riders who still want a competitive, fast and all-round road bike.

The Allez Professional is one of the most popular aluminum road bikes and can essentially be seen as the aluminum version of the Asphalt, a road bike designed to excel in all speed racing situations. Aluminum frames lead to a lower overall cost, with the main trade-off being increased weight. With Professional’s recent improvements in aluminum hydroforming technology, the Allez now has ride quality almost as good as its carbon counterparts.


This bike is for riders who are looking for a fast bike that remains comfortable over long distances and on rough roads and some unpaved surfaces.

The Roubaix is ​​an endurance Specialized bicycle designed for the efficiency and speed riders need, but with added frame compliance to help absorb bumps. This has made the Roubaix a favorite for riders looking for more comfort on long rides or those venturing on rarely-traveled, rarely-maintained roads. The latest version of the Roubaix features Future Shock technology, which provides a small amount of suspension at the cockpit to further improve comfort and controllability. 


The frame material of this bike is made of Carbon. It’s popular among mountaineers, weight lovers, and lovers of traditional bike design and quality.

It doesn’t have the aerodynamic shape found on many modern road bikes. Instead, it uses a round tube that fits into a traditional diamond frame. These tubes are reduced and adjusted to create an ultra-lightweight frame with excellent rigidity and handling. The Aethos will accelerate and climb quickly, and it offers a sporty, natural ride quality that cyclists are sure to appreciate.


This is a popular product line available and has experienced a great deal of success on a professional level. The Shiv has been extensively tested and shaped in the wind tunnel to ensure that it reduces drag as much as possible. This allows it to be used in professional level competition. Most triathlons don’t require a legal bike, so the standard Shiv would be preferred as it’s a slightly faster option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What criteria to pay attention to when buying a Specialized bike?

  • Choosing a Specialized bike must suit the interests and needs of each person. If you live in the city, you should choose cars that are light, fast, and flexible – the type of racing car. And if you often go on terrain and rugged roads, you should choose the most suitable terrain vehicle because they have high elasticity.
  • Different ages and genders will also have different reserved vehicles. If the car is for women, it will be designed with a light frame, easy to adjust the handlebars, brakes or saddle. For children, the wheel diameter and frame will be small, suitable for the height and light.
  • Size is an extremely important criterion when deciding to buy a sports bike because a bike that is too big or too small for our size will make us uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and also potentially dangerous. accident while driving. So a perfect sports bike for you is a bike with high safety, suitable for each user. 

2. Are costumes and accessories necessary?

Cycling in comfortable clothes and with a number of accessories will help you pedal faster and more efficiently, especially, accessories such as baga, fenders, water bottle or helmet will support. you on every trip. Start with choosing clothes that make you more comfortable and confident: color, material, size are the things you need to consider.

3. What is safe when riding a Specialized bike?

Should learn the skills and tips when participating in traffic on the road by bicycle. This will give you much more confidence when riding the bike. Maybe learn how to give a safe hand signal so that you can go on your own. It is advisable to have a route survey first so that you can know the safety of the route you are going. 


Compared with other means of transportation, specialized bicycles will bring more benefits to people. Therefore, in your spare time you need to relax or go somewhere not too far, you can use this vehicle to move. It is both beneficial for itself and environmentally friendly.

Above is the information shared about where specialized bikes are made and some information related to specialized bicycles. Hopefully through that you will have more certain knowledge for yourself and have the best experience.