When should I replace a bike chain

Bike Chain Replacement 3

Did you know that the chain is the most consumable part of a bike’s drivetrain system? Since chains are cheap, knowing the right time to replace them can reduce further damage on other pricey drivetrain components, thus saving you money in the long run. Chain wear, also known as chain… Continue reading

Best Road Bike for Commuting

Road Bike for Commuting

With the prices of gas and the traffic these days, many turn their heads towards using bikes to commute from one place to another or just to stay fit. There is no question why this underrated mode of transport is now getting a lot of attention.  Unlike cars, bikes require… Continue reading

Best Commuter Bike Helmet

Commuter Bike Helmet

Using a commuter bike has many health benefits. Cycling strengthens your muscles and improves mental health. It is safer using commuter bikes when going to work, college or visiting another locality during the pandemic compared to using public transport.  A high-quality commuter bike helmet is useful when cycling. Whether cycling… Continue reading

Is it Better to Walk or Ride a Bike?

Is it Better to Walk or Ride a Bike

Let us say your doctor has just told you that to live a healthy life, it is important for yourself to get out there and exercise. Alternatively, if you consider different commuting options, what option would you choose between cycling or walking?  Which one has more benefits? Well, each one… Continue reading