Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education:

To date, over 700 low-income cyclists have been served by MCM through our bilingual bicycle and safety and legal rights workshops and distribution of free bicycle lights, helmets, and safety gear.

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MCM worked to have equity/income criteria included and prioritized in the Los Angeles Bicycle Plan. We held community workshops to meaningfully engage low-income residents in the planning process.

The 7th Street bike lane that currently runs from Koreatown to Downtown L.A. was a two-year campaign of MCM. This was the first bike lane striped out of the 2011 LA City Bike Plan, especially in a low-income area. It will be extended to Main Street in the near future.

Prior to our 7th Street campaign, we engaged day laborers and community members to identify areas for bicycle parking racks in the Pico-Union/Macarthur Park area, resulting in 73 locations receiving racks in 2009.

Currently, MCM is focusing on the timely execution of the Bike Plan and working with LADOT and the City of Los Angeles council offices to ensure community input in the planning process.

Community Building:

MCM + LA Rooted Youth Summer Program

We’ve partnered with LA Rooted to engage youth in middle and high school to provide an interdisciplinary summer camp in Echo Park. We foster leadership through hands-on interactive workshops and bike and transit trips throughout the city. Youth meet and work with intergenerational presenters – chefs, artists, activists, community leaders, etc – and take field trips to learn about cycling, nutrition and cooking, native plant care, theatre, composting and gardening, camping, and more. The month-long program culminates in a youth-led art exhibition that raises awareness on topics the youth feel are important.

Spaces and Rides

We helped create the BiciDigna/BiciLibre bike repair space, jornalero led bike repair co-op in 2010.

MCM leads and co-leads culturally themed bike rides to build community amongst a diffused population. Most recently, we’ve partnered with Eastside Bike Club, Ovarian Psycos, and Bikesanas del Valle to lead mural rides throughout our respective neighborhoods.

We support groups like the DREAM Act riders in building a bigger movement to serve low-income cyclists.


MCM seeks to partner with like-minded organizations who share our vision of a city with complete streets, safe and accessible for all, regardless of what mode of transportation is used.