Top 5 Best Bikes for Teenage Girls Reviews and Buying Guide

Teenage years are filled with the urge to learn new things and getting a bike for your teenager is the best thing to do. Let them explore the cycling world as they discover themselves before growing older. Get them their best bike and who knows they might one day take cycling as a full-time job.

There are many different types of bikes out there but having a few will help you start your choosing process. Here are some bikes for teenage girls that you can get your teenager.

  • Firmstrong Urban Lady Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  • Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser
  • Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bike
  • Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike
  • Sixthreezero EVRY Women’s 3-Speed Step

What to consider when looking for bikes for teenage girls 

The purpose is the key element in finding the perfect bike for your teenage girl. It guides you on the best way to pick a suitable bike to fit her size, liking, and needs. Security is also very important and to ensure this you need to have some points of reference. Here are some tips to guide you in picking the best bike for your teenager.

Size compatibility 

There are different types of teenagers, they come in various sizes, and picking a bike to fit them is important. Go for a bike with an adjustable seat to move it up when she is short and as she grows, she can push it down.

Begin by examining her height and then take down how tall she is before heading to the bike store. You should also consider how fast she grows to help in ensuring it remains efficient. Go with her to the bike store and request she gets to try out every bike to ensure you pick the best one.

Type of brand

Bike brands make their bikes using different materials and this makes them get various reviews. Some brands prefer quality over quantity while some are in the market for profits. Begin verifying the names of the brand and check out some of the customer reviews beforehand.

Checking on the type of brand needs you to dig deep in the materials they use to make the bike. It also needs you to find out the type of assembling methods, warranty, and the kind of service needed. It will save you a lot in the future and will keep your teenage girl happily riding.

Available accessories

Some bikes have extra accessories such as a helmet, bell, lock, and rear carrier. Find out from your teenage girl what kind of accessories she would like her new bike to have and try getting one with all that she needs.

If some features miss her desired choice, you can opt to buy them at a bike store. You will spend an extra amount but it is worth the while and it will make her happy as she enjoys riding. Compare what different brands have to offer and pick on one with an added advantage to your cause.

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Review – Top 5 Best Bikes for Teenage Girls

1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle 

The best bike for your teenage girl that will suit her height as she grows with it. It also comes in multiple color shades to give her a variety of options to pick from.

The bike has an advanced gear change option that comes in multiple selections to suit different terrains. Each time she switches gears, she has the total assurance to get back on track with the same amount of speed. Going up a gentle hill can never get better with its speeds of up to 20 MPH.

The handlebars are wide with rubber grabbing cases at the far end to enhance grip and increase control over the bike. The handbrakes are fit on the handlebars right next to the rubber casing for easy accessibility. Your teenage girl will have a comfortable ride as she sits on the oversized seat with added dual springs for increased cushioning.

The wheels are captivating with a simple plain white on the rim that holds the balloon tires in place. The tires are sturdy and wide for increased cushioning even when going over rough surfaces. Its frame is aluminum made to withstand her weight and resist corrosion from moisture.

She can adjust the seat to her desired height to fit the handlebar positioning. The stem holds the handlebars at a high end to help her avoid leaning too much to the front.

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  • Goes at average cycling speeds.
  • An adjustable to fit various heights.
  • Efficient hand brakes.
  • Presence of wide handlebars covered in rubber.


  • A bit heavy for small to medium height girls.

2. Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser

This is the best teenage girl bike to get your young one if she loves things made from vintage. It is a retro bike to fit modern bike demands but still gets your young one nostalgic.

One of the rarest bike systems that give your girl a chance to choose from its various colors and frame types. It comes in black, yellow, and mint while the frame ranges from a step-through and a step-over one. The frame is steel made to ensure it serves her for many years before outgrowing it. She can ride it through all weather and still maintain the original make and resist corrosion.

It has a Schwinn 7 speed to help in twisting gears very fast with an added Schwinn rear derailleur. Its alloy linear-pull brakes enhance the stopping ability of the bike and are at the front and rear end for increased efficiency. The rear end contains efficient fenders made to keep grit away from the bike’s chain and dirt from splashing on your teenage girl.

It has a classic rear carrier for the storage of extra luggage and balances her weight. You can attach a basket for an increased efficiency that prevents stored items from falling over. The bike accommodates your tall teenage girl whose height ranges from 5.4 – 6.2 inches.

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  • Made to enhance great comfort.
  • It has an efficient braking system.
  • Keeps your teenager clean from mud.
  • Presence of a rear carrier for storage.


  • The seat is a bit hard but can be made good with a spare cover.

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3. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bike

The bike is suited for your teenage girl trying to cycle for the first time. It contains minimum accessories that keep it lightweight to ensure she finds it easy to cycle.

The bike’s frame is aluminum made to keep it sturdy and withstand your teenager’s weight. Carbon fiber makes up the road fork that keeps it strong and prevents any corrosion at the meeting parts of the frame and the stem. Under high temperatures, the road fork cannot deform because of its high creep resistance.

It has drop handlebars that ensure she has total control of the bike keeping her confident through any trail. It also increases her bike fitness by making her flexible even when going through sharp bends. Its great bike lever combo consists of Shimano Claris and Micro shift that have a 16-speed derailleur. She can ride through adverse weather conditions and still have the perfect lever operation to break.

Its rims are double-walled to increase the ratio of her weight to the strength of the bike. It provides adequate tension while rotting around the wheel’s axle keeping the stress on the wheels very low. This helps to achieve spoke line correction to ensure the wheels do not settle while the spokes bend around the hub flanges. It has paired spokes combined with lighter rims to increase the bike’s aerodynamics.

The gear comes in various ranges on its alloy three-piece crank that offers it a large surface area for positioning. It enhances your teenage girl’s touring experience as she tries to use her bike off-the-road. The gears are on its dropped handlebars and are easy to access close to the palm of her hands.

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  • Very lightweight.
  • Presence of drop handlebars.
  • Enhances high sensitive braking.
  • Experiences minimal rolling resistance.


  • You will have to assemble some parts, it should be easy though.

4. Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike

If you are looking for a fancy teenage girl bike, then look no further with this bike’s bright white and pink mix. An added little touch of black makes it perfect for your young one to get around gaining everyone’s attention.

Its metal coverings are made from aluminum that keeps it lightweight to enhance faster riding. She will have an easy time going downhill and whenever braking, it will be instant by the touch of the brake pads. It has a rigid V-shaped frame that supports the deck in two areas with a single foundation. She will experience minimal bending instances with its significantly reduced foundation size.

To enhance visibility to other road users, the bike has rear and front lighting. The lights illuminate on larger areas to help her stay fixed to the road ahead and keep her safe from ongoing cars. Its pink and white colors illuminate during the night ensuring she stays visible.

It has drop handlebars perfect for great bike aerodynamics ensuring she rides very fast. Covered in rubber to keep her palms on the handlebars to access the brake control with ease. If she gets sweaty over short or long rides, she can carry her water bottle in the bike’s water bottle mounts. It is not just one, but two mounts to keep an extra bottle and keep her riding for many hours.

The wheels are sturdy reducing the amount of friction created on rough surfaces. This ensures she can ride it as she changes in size while growing and with an added luggage. The grooved treads keep the bike free from mud that splashes all over.

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  • Great wheels to go through various terrains.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Perfect aerodynamic riding position.
  • Presence of a double water bottle mount.


  • Some parts need to be assembled.

5. Sixthreezero EVRY Women’s 3-Speed Step

This bike will make your teenager the coolest kid in the neighborhood with its sleek design. It has every modern aspect every millennial teenager would dream of having.

Its 17.5-inch aluminum frame designed to help your teenager get on and off with ease. It will enhance their commuting rides to school and the store and its low position is the perfect fit for leisure. Its dual-spring saddle enhances great comfort and less struggle while peddling.

It has a long stem raised above the seat to help in keeping the back straight. The shoulders will also remain intact and all your teenager will do is to take control. The clamp attaching the seat to the frame is slightly bent to the back to increase efficiency while peddling. This ensures proper leg tension to improve the functioning of the lower body strengthening the legs.

Your teenager will evade all the grit and mud with the bike’s fenders at the rear end and front. If they like carrying around some luggage, they can do so with the available rear rack. You can attach a basket or fenders to enhance its reliability.

Their ride can never get better across different types of roads with its semi-slick tires. It will provide them with a cushioned ride and it is stable enough for great rolling resistance. Its treads are knobby to provide better bite on surfaces with dirt, sand, and gravel. It comes with a front handbrake and a well-equipped rear coaster brake for better stopping.

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  • Its body is lightweight.
  • Suits riders with a height of 4ft and 6ft.
  • Provides great comfortability.
  • Enhanced safety protection when stopping.


  • Not exactly a lacking but still, it doesn’t have a bell.


Teenagers like exploring and the best way to keep them occupied can be getting them a bike. Bikes for teenage girls come in various sizes, designs, and features to fit different types of teenagers. It will be best that you start trying to find out what your teenage girl’s bike tastes are before getting to the store and buying her a bike. The above examples will guide you on some of the best examples of bikes for teenage girls.

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