Sundeal Bike Review: The Toughest Bikes For True Adventure

Sundeal bikes are easy to service bikes that are ideal for riding on rugged terrain such as mountain ridges, for daily commuting and racing on the track. The variety is large and they have gained popularity in a very short period of time due to the premium quality offered in a decent price range, starting from around $250 and going up to $480, for its electric, mountain and daily commute models.

The Sundeal bikes are modeled out of metal alloys to provide better strength properties for each component. Each part is compatible to its usage and is designed for maximum efficiency. Its heavy-duty bicycles have some common features.

Sundeal Bike Composition

The core functional part of the bike is a tig-welded frame. It comprises a heat-treated head tube, down tubes, top tube, fork and rear dropouts. It is also fixed with a water bottle mount on the down tube and rack on the rear dropouts. The fork of the bicycle is straight and is made up of two blades connected by a crown at the top. 

A simple arch on the fork connects the lower parts of the fork to an axle on the front wheel. A steering tube is connected to the fork and handlebars via a stem to make steering easier while riding the bicycle. 

The head tube houses a headset with bearings that join the steering tube to the frame. However, the fork is fixed to the wheel using a skewer over which the hollow axle rotates, thereby ensuring stability as while the steer is operated. 

The wheel consists of a rubber tire, spokes, hub, alloy coiled rim and clincher tube. The hub and its components provide a base for the spokes and also houses the axle and a 6-bolt compatible disc with ball or cone bearings. The hub for Sundeal bikes is semi-integrated and has an internal style. With Shimano tag to go with it, no doubt Sundeal has left no stone unturned in ensuring optimum quality to all bike lovers. 

More Components 

Other components include high strength shifters, integrated brake levers with rear and front derailleurs. Alloyed cranks with square taper freewheel Shimano model high-speed pedals in a steel cage and plastic body with unsealed chain are well fixed at the bottom bracket. 

The Sundeal bike also has an alloyed seat post with adjusting alloy clamp. The brakes are made up of Winzip model mechanical disc with strong and durable rubber rotor grips. 

The brakes are designed in high efficiency that they stop the wheel rotation within a very short distance when applied, which could save you from colliding with objects while operating at high speed in rugged terrain or a cross country race. 

Materials Used to Model Sundeal Bikes

The frame is entirely made of light-weight aluminum, weighing approximately 31.75 lbs. This tags along an advantage since the aluminum layer is resistant to corrosion as it forms a protective oxide coat. Painting the bike red further accounts for a minimal corrosion rate of the alloyed parts and the bike’s aesthetics. 

The bearings and crank wheels are made up of steel alloys designed with high strength and ductility. The alloyed fork is designed to withstand maximum shear and hence ensuring its durability by resisting breakage. 

While accounting for maximum strains and stress imposed on a bike and its components by rugged terrain, the manufacturers of Sundeal M1 Hardtail Mountain bike designed it to resist such effects, with an application of strong alloys in modeling. 

Bike dimensions 

The bicycle components are composed of length or offset width and diameter. In its Sundeal M7 model, the frame is 17 inches long. Each wheel is sufficiently large, with 26 inches in diameter and thick double wall coiled rims. The model comes at a sufficient head angle and lower offset for the fork, which reduces the likelihood of the wheel filling out. 

However, it is important to note that the wheel size determines the offset of the straight type fork and provides clues to the appropriate rake angle for your bicycle. 

The bicycle is equipped with strong cranks and the bottom bracket is square tapered for stiffness and drops at 31 millimeters. Cranks and freewheel are connected to the axle by a sufficiently long chain to effect torque on the axle, which improves comfort as you cycle over rough terrain. The down tubes of the bicycle are designed in a fitting length, with a shorter reach. 

Sundeal Performance 

The fork is of the Sundeal brand with high suspension properties. Aluminum used in its making is an excellent shock absorber hence its strength. Alloying the metal makes it ideal for high ductility and tensile strength. The fork is aligned with the vertical axis of the handlebar, thus improving the stability of the bicycle while moving over rough terrain. The seat post is also made up of a strong alloy that incorporates both ductile and compressive strength properties. 

Derailleurs have been designed to withstand shearing and friction while the bike navigates through rough terrain. In addition to the above properties, the bikes have strong rear dropouts and pedals. 

Multiple gears fixed on the rear wheel enable you to adjust the rotational speed of the bike wheels while riding downhill or uphill, a process that minimizes the energy you will need to pedal, especially when moving up a steep slope. 

In addition, every bicycle attachment is well fitted and suited to its function, thus making Sundeal bikes more efficient than the conventional bikes. 


Sundeal M1 Hardtail Mountain Bike is a product of one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world and is known for its high quality and heavy-duty bicycles. The bike has been designed to suit cross country rides and navigation through any rough terrain. Maintenance costs for the bike are sufficiently low, which gives a long-lasting relief to any sport-oriented mind. 

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