Best Commuter Bike Helmet

Using a commuter bike has many health benefits. Cycling strengthens your muscles and improves mental health. It is safer using commuter bikes when going to work, college or visiting another locality during the pandemic compared to using public transport. 

A high-quality commuter bike helmet is useful when cycling. Whether cycling on a wet road, on the graveled road, on narrow paths or a busy road, you can skid and fall or miss an obstacle and fall. While on a busy road, vehicle accidents can happen. Having a quality helmet on your head protects your skull from being hurt and can save a life. 

Qualities of a high-quality commuter bike helmet 

Helmet size

Your comfort on the road is important, especially if you are riding far from your residence. If your helmet is oversize, you will keep on fitting it back to position as you commute. In case you fall or get involved in an accident, the helmet will easily come off your head and you can easily get hurt or fracture your skull. 

Your commuter bike helmet should be firm fitting and well strapped so that you feel comfortable and enjoy your ride. Your skull is well protected when your helmet is fitting well. 


The purpose of your commuter bike helmet is to protect your head. The material it’s made of plays an important part. On impact, your helmet protects your skull from injury. The helmet must therefore be hardy and the polypropylene foam inside must be hardy enough to resist and absorb any shock upon impact. 

The straps should also be strong to hold the helmet in place. They must not keep becoming loose as you ride. Once adjusted to fit, the straps should stay in place until  the end of your journey. 


Sometimes cost determines quality although some other factors might influence the cost. An imported helmet might cost differently from one that is locally made, even if they are of the same quality. 

You should be comfortable with the helmet cost and buy the one that fits within your budget. A less expensive helmet does not necessarily mean it is poor in quality. The government is keen to ensure every helmet manufactured or imported meets all quality standards.


Commuter bike helmets come in different sizes and shapes. Some are completely closed and others are open. A well-ventilated helmet allows free circulation of air and does not retain a lot of sweat which can produce a bad odor. If your helmet is closed, you should be able to breathe comfortably and it should not retain moist air inside. 


We have different head sizes and shapes. A round-shaped helmet can be a better fit for someone with a wider face. A sharp-pointed helmet can fit better to a person with a narrow face.  You should choose a helmet that best fits the shape of your face. 

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5 Best Commuter Bike Helmets

 JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

The JBM Adult is an amazing helmet that can fit in almost any head size. It is a perfect choice for adults although it can fit children above ten years who have a bigger head. This nutcase helmet has a dial system that is easy to use and its adjustable straps make it easily fit in the head of any man or woman.

Your safety is paramount, that’s why the JBM helmet is made using tough and durable PVC and inlaid with EPS foam which absorbs shock upon impact keeping your head safe in case of a crash. You deserve a stress-free ride and the aerodynamic ventilation ensures air passes through the helmet so that your speed is not affected while keeping you cool.

When wearing this helmet, you do not feel like you have a huge load on your head because the JBM helmet is light and the inner lining is made of breathable material to increase your comfort. To crown it all, you can choose from a total of eighteen colours of the JBM adjustable lightweight helmet

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  • The helmet is unisex
  • It can fit any adult head size
  • Available in many colours


  • Not very suitable for other purposes than commuting. 

BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet

This light commuter bike helmet is built for those who love style and comfort when cycling. The rear light improves your visibility when commuting through busy roads and at night.  The reasonably low priced helmet comes in matte black colour and is unisex.

The manufacturer is safety conscious and has followed the USA CPSC certification standards during the manufacturing process. It is easy fitting and can be adjusted using the chin strap and the real dial mechanism.

The nine ventilations keep the inside fresh and cool while helping you keep a constant speed due to reduced air resistance. The helmet is a perfect choice for urban commuting and can fit in almost any head size. The BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet is strong and durable giving you value for your money.

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  • Budget friendly
  • Built following USA CPSC certification standards
  • Well ventilated for fresh air circulation


  • Offers only one color.

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MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet 

The Mokfire commuter helmet is lightweight and fits well on men and women and is made for comfort while commuting. It’s built using the best quality PC material which makes it strong and safe. Its inner part is lined with EPS foam which helps absorb shock on impact for better head protection.

There’s no need to worry about heat because the helmet has 18 ventilations to keep a fresh air circulation keeping you cool all through your journey. If the sun is bright, the visor will shield off the bright rays from your eyes. –

The MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet is easy to adjust using the fixed straps on the side to help keep the helmet well fitted on any head size. The pads inside absorb sweat easily so that the helmet remains fresh. The helmet is stylish for urban commuting, off-road and trek cycling. The helmet is available in black grey and is suitable for both men and women.

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  • It has 18 vents that keep a fresh circulation of air
  • Can fit on any head size
  • Stylish for urban commuting and trek cycling


  • Not many options if you need colors.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet 

The PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet is a light and adjustable commuter bike helmet designed for men and women who love commuting comfortably and in style. The perfect rear light increases visibility on the road. It’s available in matte black and its price is friendly.

It is well ventilated allowing air to push through the vents for a smoother ride and fresh circulation of air inside. The inner lining is detachable so that you can wash it whenever it gets dirty. Its soft pads help your head feel extra comfort.

The helmet is made using a high-quality PC shell and the EPS foam helps absorb shock upon impact keeping your head safe. You can comfortably adjust the helmet to fit on your head using the headmaster.

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  • Fits well and is sleek looking
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easily chargeable LED light


  • The strap is not long enough for long-face people.

Shinmax Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a high-density commuter bike helmet, the imported Shinmax Bike Helmet is a great choice. It is CPS-CE certified and its shell is hard to break. The inner lining is soft making your ride comfortable.

While on the road, you feel much safer using the Shinmax helmet because it’s fitted with LED light on the rear making you visible to motorists. You can adjust the flashing speed of the light from steady, slow to fast.

For your comfort, the helmet comes with an adjustable knob to help you adjust to fit your head size. Any adult will feel comfortable wearing the helmet. You don’t need to worry about the sun’s UV light because the Shinmax Bike Helmet has an adjustable aerodynamic sun visor to keep your face safe from dust and direct sunlight.

Weighing at only 260 grams, this helmet has twenty-two ventilations which makes it one of the most breathable and light helmet. This unisex bicycle helmet is available in black, red and white colours.

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  • It is Lightweight and unisex
  • Has a Rear LED light for better visibility
  • CPS-CE certified hard shell


  • Available in a choice of 3 colours only 

Things to consider before buying your commuter bike helmet

A helmet is important for your safety on the road and you should never ride your bicycle without a helmet. Although the law demands that you must have a helmet on your head when riding your bicycle, there are several things you must consider before buying that important helmet. 

What problem do you want the helmet to help you solve?

It is true helmets are for protecting your head, but there are other things you must consider before buying one. Scan the weather patterns in your area. If you live in a place frequented by fast winds, it would be better to buy a full-face helmet so that you can shield your face from strong winds. The same case will apply if you want a helmet fit for the rainy season or winter. 

A rider who lives in a relatively warm area or near the hot deserts would go for the completely open helmet with 8-10 ventilators for fresh air circulation. Let’s say you work in a factory or a construction site. A multi-purpose helmet will serve better because you can use it when riding and when working. 

The tech helmet can be useful to someone who receives phone calls often like marketers, secretaries, customer service personnel and front office assistants. 


Every helmet has its price tag and you can only buy what you can afford. Before beginning to window shop, check your budget and order a helmet within your budget. A less expensive helmet does not mean less quality and a more expensive one does not mean greater quality. 

Every helmet is tested to ensure it meets the right standards before it’s released into the market. 

The size and shape of your head

The helmets are shaped differently and come in all sizes. Order the one that will perfectly fit in your head. An oversize helmet will not sufficiently protect you and can fall off your head during an impact. 

The shape of your head is also an important factor. A round helmet can fit better to a round-faced individual. If your face is thinner, buy a v-shaped helmet. Besides protecting your head, you should feel comfortable wearing your helmet. 

Helmet color 

Every person has a favorite color and people tend to fill their houses with items that match their color. Helmets are built to last and if you buy a color you dislike, be ready to live with that color for many years. 

Before you order for the delivery of your helmet, find out if your favorite color is available in the store. Your visibility on the road is another important factor. Ensure the helmet has bright stripes if its color is dark. Alternatively, buy a bright-colored helmet for better visibility by other riders and motorists on the road.


The market is full of helmets from different manufacturers and it can be hard to decide on the best helmet to buy. We have researched and reviewed many helmets from different manufactures and have given a list of the best commuter bike helmets in the market. There’s a detailed buying guide below each helmet to help you save time on decision making. You are free to use the information and choose the helmet that fits your needs and budget. 

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